Heritage, Quality, and Versatility

Make IGI Your Wax Partner

IGI is the strategic partner of choice for companies who want value across the entire supply chain. From refinery, to quality control, to innovation and research, IGI is dedicated to supplying its customers with the right product at the right time, for every application.


  • Leadership
  • Profitable Growth (margin per pound of wax sold)
  • Partnerships with Customers/Suppliers
  • Technical Expertise
  • Innovative and Proactive
  • Competitive and Cost Effective
  • Flexibility

W. Ross Reucassel, CEO and Chairman of IGI

About IGI

The International Group, Inc. (IGI) has been in the wax business for over 60 years. The organization, originally known as International Waxes Limited, was founded in Toronto, Ontario by William Reucassel in 1943 and incorporated in 1945.

The first tank wagon of wax to leave IGI

William Reucassel was responsible for building Canada's first solvent de-oiling petroleum wax refinery on a 3 acre piece of property that he purchased in Agincourt, Canada in 1945. It was at this refinery that an oily by-product of lube oil manufacture called slack wax was converted into what we now refer to as fully refined paraffin wax. In 1949 the refinery came online with 100 sq. ft. of filtering capacity and hand slabbing capability at the rate of 2,000 lbs every 6 hours. Total refinery output was 5 million lbs per year. Today IGI owns Greer machines that output wax slabs at the rate of 8,000 lbs/hr and total refinery output is in excess of 150 million lbs of wax per year.

Quality / ISO 9001

At IGI Our Customers Define Quality

Our customers tell us that they want the right product at the right time, all of the time, and IGI is committed to supplying it.  From our exceptional R&D facilities, experienced Sales and Customer Service Group, advanced manufacturing facilities and dedicated logistics, IGI has the ability to deliver on its promises.

ISO 9001:2008 The New Standard of Performance

IGI's ISO 9001:2008 registered Quality Assurance system is based upon

  • Setting aggressive service and product objectives, and continually renewing them through our customers' voices
  • Measuring and monitoring these objectives (including third party audits) to ensure that they  are met
  • Maintaining formal, accurate, controlled processes to ensure that our quality commitment is delivered.

IGI Quality Policy

IGI's goal is to be the preferred supplier in the markets served by maximizing customer satisfaction through value-added products and services. We will build value by focusing on leadership, teamwork, innovation, technical support and our quality system.

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