Continuous Supply ... Consistent Supply

IGI's operations ensure a long term, consistent supply base for the wax industry.

The International Group, Inc operates three wax manufacturing facilities in North America.  The first is located at our Toronto, Ontario, Canada headquarters. This location serves as our main Customer Service, R&D, and technical center. The Toronto plant is capable of producing scale/semi refined waxes, fully refined paraffin waxes, and microcrystalline waxes as well as petrolatums. In addition, the facility has full blending and packaging capabilities. Finally, the plant operates under both ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 standards.


IGI operates a wax plant in Farmer's Valley, PA, producing scale, fully refined, and microcrystalline waxes.  It also has the ability to handle unique feedstocks that would be difficult to handle at other wax plant.

IGI operates a third facility in Woods Cross, UT. This facility produces wax rich feed material for IGI’s two other wax plants


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