Paraffin Wax

IGI offers a full range of paraffin waxes and in a variety of packaging formats. These include: bulk liquid (via tank truck or railcar), slabs (10 lbs), free-flowing granules (packaged in bags), and free flowing pastilles (packaged in bags).

Fully refined paraffin waxes typically have a low oil content (below .5% by weight), good color (+28 min ASTM), and are very hard. Most will meet FDA requirements 178.3710 (for use in contact with food). These types of waxes offer a variety of beneficial properties in numerous applications.

IGI also offers waxes that meet NSF Status, Standard 14 certification under PPI-TR3.

If you are a current IGI customer and need information on a wax you do not see listed, please contact us. IGI produces several additional paraffin wax products which are not listed on our website.

Scale Waxes

Product CodeMelt Point (°F)Melt Point (°C)
IGI 2281A12350.6

Low Melt Point Waxes

Product CodeMelt Point (°F)Melt Point (°C)
IGI 1230A13054.4
IGI 1236A13255.6

Medium Melt Point Waxes

Product CodeMelt Point (°F)Melt Point (°C)
IGI 1239A13858.9
IGI 1245A14060
IGI 1250A142.561.4

High Melt Point Waxes

Product CodeMelt Point (°F)Melt Point (°C)
IGI 1297A15166.1
IGI 1266A*15769.4

*also available meeting NSF STATUS: Standard 14 certification under PPI-TR3

Custom Blends. Custom Properties!

Solid and liquid paraffin wax blends for candles, coatings and custom applications.
Ultra-stable and available in low, medium and high melt points. Talk to IGI about your goals.

Don't see the Paraffin Wax you're looking for? Contact IGI.

If you don’t see a specific wax listed here, contact IGI. We make several paraffin waxes that are not listed here.

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