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More than refining wax for industrial applications, food packaging, and product manufacturers, IGI is the strategic partner of choice for companies who want value across the entire supply chain.

An Intro to IGI Waxes

The articles and information in the links above provide information you should find very useful.  If you have specific questions, please contact us.

As a leader in the wax industry and related materials, IGI offers a variety of articles and presentation material to technical professionals and others seeking to gain insight and knowledge on the use of waxes.
IGI product guides offer some basic guidelines and product recommendations for specific applications and industries. IGI technical articles include presentations we have offered to professional organizations such as the National Candle Association (www.candles.org). Our "wax basics" and "how wax is made" sections offers some fundamentals on wax chemistry and how waxes are manufactured. Finally, the "wax tests" section offers a valuable reference to many of the test criteria used to define wax properties.

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