Corporate Sustainability and Energy Practices

IGI does more than just follow best practices and industry advances in energy, emissions, water filtration, lighting, safety, materials handling, construction and shipping, we create, evaluate and set new standards in best practices.

Water at IGI Returns to the Fountain

Small things can add up to make a big difference. All IGI employees now enjoy clean filtered water straight from water fountains throughout out plants. This was a simple choice that saves both shipping costs and the backs of our stronger employees who changed the heavy bottles. The fountains are simpler, more efficient, reduce water waste and promote more healthy consumption of fresh water by the staff.

Shining a Bright Light on What We Do

From refinery operations to corporate offices, warehouses and product development facilities, IGI has completed a company-wide conversion to low energy / high-efficiency lighting to conserve energy and reduce expenses.

Careful monitoring and maintenance of our corporate energy infrastructure such as boiler maintenance ensures efficient use of natural gas and other energy resources.

The latest advances in closed-loop water systems are operational at IGI in chilled water supplies and boiler water supplies. Examples include returning hot condensate back to the boiler for greater efficiency and utilizing ambient air temperatures in air-assisted cooling for chilled water systems. Letting nature do the preliminary cooling reduces the work required of a mechanical system.

Recyclable Totes Replace Single Use Disposable Oil Drums

IGI uses new reusable totes which are not only reusable, reconditionable and recyclable, they are stackable and rectangular making storage and shipping dramatically more efficient than the classic drum.

Spill Containment Safeguards and Monitoring of Discharged Water

IGI recognizes that anytime materials are handled or transferred, there is some risk of a spill. We have implemented and maintain a proven set of precautions and procedures to mitigate these risks. Railcar loading and unloading stations have catch pans installed to eliminate ground contamination. In addition, natural containment burms planted with grasses to minimize erosion surround the railcar loading areas. Truck loading is conducted exclusively on large concrete pads to control any accidental spill. All storage and blending tanks at IGI are located inside secure buildings.

As an essential precaution and responsible corporate citizen, we routinely test the water and effluent surrounding IGI facilities to monitor any opportunity for product to enter surrounding sewer systems. IGI plants operate numerous water separators to prevent solids from entering discharged water.

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